Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Beauty of the Rain

A soft face filled with light, bright eyes that hold every emotion all at once, showing the truth behind all of my misgivings. So alone and lost, then finding my way back again, all in a moment, all in those eyes. I long for that moment. I find in it ultimate joy and happiness, and although there are glimpses of sadness, I will not trade them. I see more about myself in those moments than I care to admit. But I am no longer afraid. I am liberated.
My heart aches and burns, yearns and cries, lived and dies in those moments. I am most sure of who I am there, lost, filled with a sense of time that is indescribable. My first and last thoughts are of her, I know that no matter where I go this will be true. She is my mirror. Through her I see everything that my life is. In her I see everything that my life is to be. And it makes me happy. Who could possibly know this excitement and peace all at once. I never thought anything like this feeling could be had. I dive into myself and find depths untouched in many years.
I come back to the surface and bring more of myself with me every time. These eyes, portholes to the soul, both of ours. The light illuminating all the dark corners of mine and showing me again all that is within to be seen. I am whole, truly. Inside of my being is one whole, complete being that has longed to be awoken and free again, and now is that time. I find joy in those sparkling eyes and smiling face. I find happiness and an unknown emotion, something wonderful and grand. I am warmed by it. I am alive. What an awesome moment.

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