Monday, November 19, 2007

Passed through

I have lost time, lost friends, lost love. I have had joy and wonder, excitement and pure bliss. I continue to enjoy all of the exciting moments that exist in this life, and every one of the quiet chill spaces that I find the chance to connect with. I have fallen in love with a feeling. It is this feeling of creation, this momentum that carries me from one word to the next, from one thought in my mind to words on a page that I no longer think about. I found my muse again, found out that there really is still something here worth living for and enjoying fully. I cannot duplicate every feeling that I have in those special moments, but through these words and the music I play, I do find something close.
I have found new friends, found that the time I thought I had lost was just waiting around the bend to used more fully, and I know that if I let my heart out, and let myself believe in it enough, I will find love as well. I will find pure feeling, not just something that passes the day. There are moments I will never forget, parts of my past I will look back upon fondly and smile. I will remember those that have gone on, and remember that I am better for having had their blessing in my life. The importance of their existence is simply for too many others to experience for them to remain in mine forever. But there are those I am lucky to still have around, those that remember more about me than I do.
And there are those too new to this vein to have a determined place in it, yet I do have my hopes that the future will continue to find me lucky enough to have them in my life. I have finally learned to say goodbye to some of those that I had hoped never to say it to, and though they are no longer going to journey with me, I will not grieve any longer for the passing. I am whole, I am here, and I will live on stronger for their gifts in my life. I believe in this path, I believe truly I am on the right one and have found along the way those that I hope will remain with me on it. I am looking more and more forward to the journey.

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