Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A starry night...well it coulda been one anyway

"Bon appetit."
"Merci, good sir." Dinner was most elegant that evening, something they hadn't enjoyed together in far too long. "I want to know all about your trip. Tell me why you were gone so long again?" He missed her questioning, she always wanted to know more, know everything, never satisfied. He loved it. Made him feel wanted and necessary, somehow it had never been enough before, but now it was all he wanted.
"Well, cavorting through Europe just isn't actually as much fun as you might think, especially when you're working as hard as we were." He said this with a smile, and she giggled a little, his pechant for stretching the truth slightly no longer fooled her, and he knew it. "Allright, so maybe we had a little bit of fun along the way, but it really was a lot of work. I don't think we spent more than two days anywhere the whole time, went back and forth to places several times, but never for very long. Driving, flying, riding the train, that part was actually pretty nice, the countryside is so beautiful, so clean. And for the most part everyone was incredibly nice. Maybe it was the guys being who they were, but even out alone, no one knowing who I worked for, I saw so many smiles and found so many helpful people. Of course, not knowing what they were saying half the time they could have been saying anything behind those smiles, but it seemed nice enough."
Yes I'm doing it again, more to come, this part of the story isn't quite ready yet. He's having a good time at the moment, give him a break. :)

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