Monday, November 26, 2007

Live Love Learn

Sing Dance Love Laugh Smile Breathe Explore Love Live Enjoy Believe Learn Endure Hope Love Everyday. Live the life you were made to live, not the one that is expected of you, not the one you think everyone wants you to live. There is only one true path to regret, not living your life. In every one of us is the capacity to be complacent, to go with the flow, to just exist in this space and do and say only the things that we know everyone around us will want and expect, and hold back the parts of us that are true. Hopes and dreams are forgotten simply to live the status quo, have the nice house 2.5 kids and the biggest SUV. Why?
I want to hold onto my dreams as long as I can. I have forgotten too many of them over the years, and as I slowly recapture them, I want to live and experience them. No more trying to fit the mold or suffer what anyone else thinks. I want to live and enjoy this life I have, all of it. I still can't say everything I want to, I admit that.
But I am trying. I am constantly pushing myself to jump into every moment for what it is, and for how I want it to be, not just surviving a melancholy existence.
When am I going to finally completely break my shell? I really don't know. Soon
I think. I'll let you know. Some know the truth, some have an idea that there is more there than I have let on, but the most important ones still have yet to find out. When they know, the shell will be broken, shattered and lost forever. I vowed to someone once that I wouldn't hide anymore, wouldn't hold back my thoughts and feelings. I have been less than fulfilling of this vow, but I think I am forgiven, so long as I live up to it now. I am taking my life back, it started before I realized it, before I really knew that it needed to happen, but it is happening. Faster every day now. Look out world. I'm on the move, and I refuse to stop. You better be ready for the ride.

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