Thursday, January 17, 2008

Into The Wilderness

So I am toying with some new ideas, some old ones, and trying to find a way to merge them all together into something cohesive and meaningful. This whole book thing comes in fits and spurts, sometimes a random thought kicking off a paragraph or two, sometimes a song morphing it's way into a page. It's the letting go of everything long enough to just write that is really the hard part. Someday it might be easier. Or maybe not, never has been that easy, so why start now?
Oh well, the good stuff is coming, even if I have to fight it out to get it onto the page. It is a lot easier now than it was. I started again to distract from life, and realized that I was actually living the part of my life that I had been distracted from by everthing and everyone around me. Or at least distracted by what I thought was the most important thing going at the time. There are definitely people and relationships that are important for me to spend time in, and are actually not distracting, but invigorating. The words flow simpler around them. Kind of hard to write and conversate at the same time though. But it might be worth looking into practicing on, could lead to something great.
So hopefully soon I will have a piece that I can share, but as nothing is remotely to that stage yet, ya'll will just have to wait. (I know, you're just dying to see it, aren't you?) Soon...I hope.

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